Our aims


Thank you for visiting our new web site. Quite simply, our aim is to swim the English Channel as a relay team to raise money for a number of UK charities. The headline beneficiary will be Harrow School Tsunami Appeal as the genesis of the swim stems from the 2004 Harrow & Eton schools cross channel swim challenge. 

The whole idea was actually concocted by Paul Boyle who subsequently bullied the rest of us into taking part. If we had only known then, what we know now it would have definitely been a solo effort by Paul! Perhaps, more concerning is what he still hasn't told us! Oh well, Ho Hum ...

We are all absolutely committed to successfully completing this swim and are busily preparing ourselves physically and mentally for what lies ahead of us. All things being equal, we intend to swim in in early July 2005, weather conditions permitting.

The exact date will be set by tide conditions and we will get the "final shout" just a few hours ahead of our crossing. Swim pace and tides will governor exactly how log our swim takes in total but we expect each swimmer to handle about 2 swim legs (each of which will take about 1 hour) during which they will cover about 1.5 miles or so (we hope).

Please bear with us as we finalise this website in order to make on-line donations to the various charities possible. And finally, please dig deep - this is a very special event to help lots of very special people in need.

The Squad aka Kings Amongst Men

Stop Press Update

We commenced our swim on Sunday 3rd July and after 15hrs 30 mins we conquered the Engllsh channel and arrived safely at Sangette. The squad are now all bored and thinking about what to do next. Ideas? Thank you all for your sponsorship and support - we believe we have raised about £25,000 to date.