Our aims
Team Photographs

Here are some photographs of the team - training, posing and praying.

We'll add more of these as we complete our training sessions and after the event has been completed.

Our glorious leader, Paul Boyle - Hail the King!

Team practice swim on Sunday 19th June at Worthing (It was all going swimmingly until we tried to beat the prevailing 2mph current)

(Simon / Linda / Andy / Paul / Ian / Jeff / Kevin / Ron)

(With that wet suit we couldn't possibly let Ron join the squad but he is a reserve)

Looking reasonably happy at Worthing Beach, before going in

(Linda / Andy / Paul / Ian / Jeff)

Team bobbing around or else swimming, pretty hard to tell which

Reg "hard as nails" having a quick slurp after a session at Heron Lakes

Anthony, on dry land - has obviously slipped out between exams to give us a quick mug shot

Barnaby and Simon ready for action at Heron Lakes on Wed 22 June

A picture of Ian holding a phone and looking particularly pleased with himself. Rumour has it (and he does work at a technology firm ) that he managed to turn it on.

Boylie pretending to be best mates with Jono - who has wished us the best of luck for the swim. Alas, Jono could not join us in training as he had to fly out for the Lions Tour while Boylie and the crew went to Worthing for a spot of sea training.

Simon in a " I'm relaxed and it's all under control mode". Obviously well before the wetsuit and swimming lark started.


Linda is mobbed by her 3 greatest fans

The very first 3 man training session at Heron aka (Hero) Lakes near Heathrow - all smiles but actually completely petrified.

and the full frontal money shots - check out those 12 pack (of lard) stomachs. And what is that pose that Andy has struck?

Jeff and Andy trying to look cool. The picture would be greatly improved if Jeff put that towel completely over his head.