Our aims

Paul is an infectious Irishman (no not in that way) who is always up for a crazy challenge particularly if there is a charitable angle. As well as being a Black Belt in Karate (which clearly helps with the bullying stuff) he is a fantastic leader and keeps momentum and spirit for the squad at peak levels.

Andy Warren

Andy, now an ex-friend of Paul, is a dodgy Insurance salesman who is also linked with the motor trade and a few other dubious ventures. He fancies himself as a part-time triathelete but in reality is a guy with a big heart and a proven track record in raising money for needy causes.

Jeff Smyth

Jeff works in IT (doesn't everyone these days) and got involved in this venture after a few too many drinks with Andy (dutch courage bravado etc). Until recently he quite enjoyed swimming but now harbours some deep set worries about jelly fish and sharks. Jeff is entirely to blame for all mistakes on this website.

Linda Stannard

Linda also works in IT (see told you so) and is a work colleague of Paul. Linda has three kids, no spare time (or else Paul will fill it) and claims that she actually likes to swim in the sea. That sets Linda apart from the rest of the squad who are completely sh**ing themselves about what they have committed to. Linda has been encouraged to swim topless and the male squad members have voted for compulsory backstroke during her entire leg of the swim.  

Simon Notton

Simon is our secret weapon. He's so secret that I can't yet write very much about him. He has a flash soft-top car (with Sat Nav which would be perfect for the crossing) and is going for a relaxing boating holiday around the Med when he should be freezing in Dover Harbour. Allegedly he has completed a marathon and he has just came off crutches. It is presently unclear whether these two events are linked.

Barnaby Lenon

Barnaby is the Head Master of Harrow School. He has told us that he can swim for at least fifteen minutes without ill effect and last went for a swim with his grandmother in 1978. Barnaby, who seems to do these sea bathing events at roughly quarter century intervals will probably find his next channel swim an equally memorable experience.

Reg Koster

Reg is a very experienced triathelete and swimmer who is probably just about strong enough to tow the entire boat with all of us in it. (Hmm..) He has swum at events in Bleinheim and the Cayman Islands and possibly between them too and actually prefers to swim without a wetsuit. He loves all this open water stuff and is in a single word - mad.

Ian Capon

Ian is as fit as the proverbial butcher's dog and spends inordinate amounts of time running around Wales and other strange hilly places. Anyone who is prepared to run up and down the vales will probably equally enjoy the experience of being tossed around on the crests and troughs of the English Channel.

Anthony Cheng

Anthony is a pupil at Harrow School where he has been appointed School Swimming Captain for 2005/06. Any wild guesses why we wanted Anthony in our squad? Anthony narrowly missed out on the Harrow/Eton challenge swim and is now relishing the opportunity to have another crack at the channel thing. Oh and by the way, he is squeezing in a few AS examinations bang in the middle of his training just too make it all a bit trickier.

Kevin Andrews

Kevin is a late but very welcome addition to the squad. Kevin's got his very own swimming pool so there is absolutely no excuse for him not practicing during every spare moment. Kevin is a house developer and will be delighted to build you a swimming pool at a very reasonable price, if you're in the market for one.